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Walking down the street the other day I saw several shoes. They all looks so very lonely. Perhaps they got a divorce, or maybe they're just "separated". Either way, it reminded me that I need to post here again.

Speaking of Randomness-- perhaps some of you have seen the movie with Sandra Bullock. It has something to do with numbers, but I'm not quite sure. Anyway, if you've ever seen a preview to the movie, there is a shot of a monkey. That's it. No explanation, seemingly no connection to the rest of the world (maybe more importantly- no connection to the movie). Therefore, I refuse to see the movie because I like to think of Random Monkeys. Therefore, my roommate and I often refer to odd events as follows: "That was more random that random monkeys." or, "That was like Random Monkeys."

If you're confused, try it in a British Accent; that really seems to help.

Enjoy. Look for the randomness in life and suddenly everything makes sense.
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